At Reidy Contracting Group we strive to have a positive impact on the sustainability of our environment and our conservation of energy.

We aim to maximize project quality while minimizing the detrimental effects on the environment. As a company working in the construction sector, we are conscious of the amount of pollution emitted into the air, water, and soil and we are focused on keeping our local environment safe and healthy by reducing our carbon footprint.

Our environmental policy revolves around the Three R’s: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. We’re enthusiastic about recycling and finding new ways to conserve our energy and resources. At RCG, we make it a priority to use and purchase recyclable material as well as sourcing renewable over nonrenewable resources.

RCG benefits from having a number of employees with Green Building Training and “Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design” (LEED) certificates. It’s our company’s policy to comply fully and knowledgeably with all federal, state, and local safety laws and regulations.