Health and Safety Program

Reidy Contracting Group is committed to the development of a progressive Health and Safety Program which involves the following:

  • Providing information on safety regulations to all employees, to ensure awareness of Federal and Industrial safety requirements amongst all field staff and RCG employees.
  • Informing field staff (construction managers and employees of subcontracting companies and RCG employees) of their responsibilities in the Safety Program and encouraging employees’ performance of these responsibilities.
  • Encouraging engagement in the development of RCG health and safety performance from all field staff.
  • Developing construction systems and procedures that comply with high health and safety standards.
  • Inspecting, maintaining, and auditing construction operations to guarantee worker safety.
  • Conducting Job Safety Analysis.
  • Identifying organizational safety training needs.
  • Providing bilingual communication of safety hazards, safety training and certification to all field staff.
  • Supervising health and safety performance at all construction sites to ensure safety practices and procedures are in place and to address the performance of all contractors with contractual obligations at RCG projects.
  • Evaluating the Health and Safety Program and Safety Training Plan to determine their effectiveness and revising as necessary.

The health and safety of all employees, subcontractor employees, and the public is one of RCG’s top priorities. Safety is considered an organizational goal at RCG and through a combined team effort, we constantly strive to:

  • Improve the building methods which affect our safety techniques.
  • Reduce hazards.
  • Prevent accidents and injuries.


Safety Standards, Policies and Guidelines

Having a successful Health and Safety Program is of the upmost importance at Reidy Contracting Group. RCG is committed to the continual development of health and safety performance and the advancement of health and safety standards.

Pursuing high standards of health and safety management is an integral part of efficient business management, and we ensure that the decision making process related to other priorities takes into account health and safety issues. Work that is conducted in a safe manner with regard for all personnel on the site and our neighbors in the surrounding community is essential for our success. In addition to ensuring that subcontracting companies meet stringent insurance requirements, RCG requires all employees of subcontracting companies to demonstrate a high regard for health and safety at our construction sites and possess up to date safety training certifications. Some of the safety training opportunities offered to RCG construction field staff include courses in the following areas:

  • Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA)
  • Scaffolding
  • Asbestos Awareness
  • Lead Awareness
  • Mold Remediation
  • Fire Watch Guard
  • Fall Arrest Systems
  • Site Safety Management
  • CPR & First Aid
  • Ongoing Safety Learning Activities on Construction Sites

In the pursuit of overall safety conscientiousness, the internal RCG team, that is, construction estimators, accounting, and administrative staff are also trained in emergency response courses such as CPR and First Aid, taught by qualified specialists and instructors.


Training Program Alignment and Structure

Reidy Contracting Group endeavors to eliminate worksite accidents through the following methods:

  • Extensive research of construction safety requirements.
  • Identification of hazards associated with ongoing projects and internal safety training needs.
  • Designing of safety training plans and the provision of safety training.
  • Evaluation and revision of our training plans.

RCG applies traditional principles of training and program development as illustrated in the following developmental training model:

An integral part of identifying training needs at RCG has involved conducting Job Safety Analysis at our construction sites. This starts with a “safety kick off” using a job safety checklist followed by a job start checklist prior to beginning project work at any site. The extent and formality of each “safety kick off” is dependent on the scope of the project and the project’s associated hazards.

Learning activities and methods that constitute our Safety Training Program include:

  • Bilingual hazard communication
  • Safety Orientations
  • New Hire Orientations
  • Ongoing Safety Meetings
  • Safety Training & Certification

Through the process of evaluating and reviewing our Safety Training Program, we have made extensive use of documented training records. This ensures that employees at our construction sites maintain up to date certification in the relevant safety training courses, safety reporting, and incident analysis to promote the continual development of our Safety Training Plan.

With the integration of innovative practices and technology, the implementation of these activities, the provision of personal protective equipment, safety equipment, and pre-planning of construction activities with associated safety hazards, RCG facilitates safe work practices at every construction site. These methods have in turn improved overall project outcomes and the associated culture of safe work practice.


Safety Training Management Team

The Reidy Contracting Group team includes qualified and highly skilled field staff who are trained in the health and safety aspects of their jobs and estimators, accounting, and administrative staff who are equipped with emergency response skills.

“It is obvious that Reidy Contracting Group is highly committed to its Safety Training and Educational Program, as you have ensured that your estimating and field staff receive proper safety and emergency response training.”

Michael O’Donnell
Director of Training, International Safety Group